The Green Chair Project - 2017 “Chairity” Event

The Green Chair Project / April 2017

In Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina there is a charity that grew up in order to give people emerging from crisis situations a “leg up”. Named The Green Chair Project, the mission is “…furnishing lives with dignity”. The Green Chair Project helps families in Wake County, NC who are emerging from homelessness, crisis and disaster. The Green Chair Project provides furnishings in order that the families can return to a life of stability and normalcy:  getting the kids into beds, cooking meals, sharing a table, resting after a long day. Working with other groups who provide assistance, each family pays $200.00 in order to receive a complete household full of furniture and other items to make their new home function. They have pride of ownership in their purchases and it is not simply homes that are furnished; futures are furnished.

The Directors at the Green Chair Project wrote to me that they felt privileged that I partnered with them to raise money and awareness for this project. But I am the one who’s the privileged partner; I am honored to have been a part of this year’s fundraising “Chairity” event. The event was completely sold out and with the auctioning of the reimagined chairs, more than $150,000 was raised! This goes a long way in helping to keep their doors open to serve the more than 548 families they expect this year alone. 

Below is a short Q&A I did for the event:

Name: Linda Zoffer;  del ZIO Designs Interiors, LLC    

Favorite color: Purple

First piece of furniture you bought: Parsons Table for our first apartment.

Favorite room of the house: I love every room in our house: Really!

Design trend you love: Jewel tones and warm metals

You’re inspired by: Fashion, visual art, music, dance, lifestyle

Briefly describe your design background (education, etc.):
I have a BA and MA degrees in other disciplines. Interior Design is my second career. I am CQRID certified, GREEN accredited, member of IDS, DSA, AID and the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

How did you get involved with the Green Chair Project?
I have read about the organization in the past. A fellow designer had been involved and couldn’t do the project this year. She mentioned that to me so I decided to leap in!

Describe your chair (color/pattern, texture, etc.):
My chair is a slipper chair.  It was well made but looked very unloved. By changing the fabric to fuchsia velvet and adding a little “bling”, it now “snaps” and has the attractive look and feel of a vintage slipper chair.

What inspired you during this project?
Knowing that by being involved with this project my design firm is helping to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives.