Zen makeover in Wakefield Plantation 

My living room was very mundane. I wanted something very peaceful, almost Zen. In addition, I had been concerned that my children were developing some allergies and had heard a lot about “green” and “sustainable” furniture and furnishings.

I thought that approach might be helpful to my concern. The only other requirements that I had were that my husband wanted a ceiling fan and a television in its present location. Linda asked a lot of questions, one being about the current furniture that we had in the room; we had already arranged for a family member to take it to his home so it would be re-used.  

Linda really listened to me and presented several concepts for the space, including more than one way to lay out furniture in the room. She also offered two designs for the fireplace wall in order for the TV to be viewed at a more appropriate and comfortable height.  In one, Linda explained how the gas fireplace could be safely capped and sealed off while the other would incorporate a new, long, low, sleek fireplace with the TV above. We had never used the fireplace and chose the first option. The furniture, fabrics and accessories she offered were fabulous and eco-friendly. Linda’s taste is excellent and she certainly tapped into my idea. She and the design team were able to transform the room into the beautiful, peaceful and “green” space that our family is enjoying every day.