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I was uncertain and uncomfortable about hiring an interior designer… a stranger… to design and decorate my business’ office space. I wanted my office space to embody the brand and give visitors the feeling of walking into the brand. I wanted my brand to be felt through my office interior design.

Is that too much to ask? No, I don’t think it was, but at the same time, I felt that it wasn't something very many designers were capable of achieving.

Linda listened to what I wanted and then delivered more than I could have imagined; a gorgeous, eco-friendly interior design that fit my brand concept to a ‘T’…

…or that’s what I thought until my friends, family, clients visited the space. Their reaction was more than I could have hoped and reconfirmed that the design was an accurate reflection of me and my brand as we are perceived.

Without fail, when each of my visitors enters my office for the first time they say, “Oh my gosh, oh wow… this is beautiful! No really! It’s perfect! It’s gorgeous! It’s artistic. It’s elegant, yet modern. It feels natural, organic. It just flows … nothing feels forced. (and the best compliment of all) It’s so YOU Kristin.”

Linda encapsulated me and my brand in beautiful fabric, the precise paint hue and the right balance/proportions and perfectly selected furnishings. She’s an artist, a professional, a perfectionist and lovely to work with. I recommend Linda to anyone who truly wants their space to authentically reflect their business and brand."